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TBJW sees a lot of material that is interesting from a general CCW viewpoint, or even a general 2nd Amendment viewpoint, but which does not necessarily fit into an appropriate page for Billy Jack's Website

In this blog, TBJW will present the more interesting of these for discussion.

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Post details: Connection between Assault Weapon Laws and CCW Laws


13:29:23 Permalink Connection between Assault Weapon Laws and CCW Laws   English (EU)

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I hadn't really thought about it before, but there is a connection between the way the collective wisdom of CALGUNS.NET (and other forums) are fighting for proper administration of the AW laws, and what we are doing at Team Billy Jack for CCW Law Enforcement.

With AW's, there is a pattern that ignorant, or deliberately blind-eyed, prosecutors pick on a single supposed transgressor and prosecute him/her/them. Then the law suits grind through, the supposed transgressor is found innocent and life continues. However, we hope and expect that the prosecutor and the associated LEO's have learned their lesson and don't try it on again. Hopefully, neighboring prosecutors learn from this and don't try it on themselves, thus giving protection to others in the same category as our supposed transgressor.

With TBJ, I would suggest that the similarities are great. An ignorant or blind-eyed sheriff/chief deliberately flouts PC 12050 and denies CCW's to people as well qualified as those to whom he/she issues. When TBJ wins (as we will), not only does the TBJ client win, but all those other potential applicants in similar situation also win as that Chief/Sheriff and their neighbors won't risk trying it again.

So, those of you who say "But TBJ only benefits their client, won't help the rest of us at all," I ask you to tell me why the Blackwater Ops case only benefits Matt Corwin, and why a win in the Bright Spot Firearms case won't help other FFL's.

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