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Thoughts on CCW issuing practice in California

Archives for: March 2012

President 'Putney Swope' Obama and Agitator General Holder need Civil Disorder

When our Pretender in Chief, 'Putney Swope' Obama said if he had a son, he would look like Trayvon, he forgeot to mention something even more striking.

Over 98% of black murder victims are black on black crimes, usually by young men. They Mr. Pretender, also look like you and Mr. Holder. I do not see you taking any credit for that nor doing anything to get 'your people' off the entitlement plantation. You and other race baiters need them right where they are, so when an 'event' occurs or your party creates one, you can march out all the indignant black politicians and they will muster your plantation troops for mindless demonstrations.

Let me take you back Barack, to Los Angeles in 1965, Marquette Frye, 21 year old suspect was killed by a white LAPD motorcycle officer. Los Angeles erupted in flames. 34 people died, over 1000 injuries and over $40 million in property damage. People burned their own neighborhoood stores. The shooting was deemed a good shoot by LA District Attorney. I fear with the lack of national leadership from the Pretender in Chief, Holder and members of the Black Caucus, we may have a similar result regartdless of the outcome of the Trayvon Martin investigation. No matter if Mr, Zimmerman is indicted, or not, convicted or not, this bottom feeding President and his Agitator General Holder will hope for the worst as it will enhance his chances of reelection.

We do not have enough police officers or National Guard to quell simultaneous rioting in major urban plantation cities across the United States. If something like this were to uccur, might our President have an opportunity to use his new powers if he felt this was a 'National Emergency'? Same old Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals. Create a crisis and then solve it. How might our illustrious leader solve this sort of crisis? Gee, let me count the ways? Martial Law, curfews, weapon confiscation, preventive incarceration without benefit of the 4th Amendment. Naw, these things would never happen. Why? We have an honorable President who was a Constitutional scholar who continually shows he believes in the Constitution. We also have an Agitator General who has demonstrated his firm belief in the Constitution. Failing that we have the United States Supreme Court. Justices like Kagan, Sotomayor, Ginsberg and Breyer would never support such draconian actions by a sitting President. Each of them has stated publicly that they know there are limits on the Presidents authority. Nope, they would never support him in this type of action. Brave have tongue firmly planted in cheek.

The one hope we have is our law enforcement and military, all of whom swore an oath to support the Constittuion. It is my hope they would not follow orders deemed to violate their oath to the Constitution.

All those sad, guilty white voters and ignorent black voters, this is what you delivered to us in 2008. Don't you all feel proud to have elected the first black President? What has happened to this country thus far and will happen in the future is on your heads.

Billy Jack

Redwood City Newspaper outs CCW holders in their city

Billy Jack sees a name he recognizes. Cartman, damn shame about that Public Records Act eh?

Billy Jack
Patriot & Sage

Health Care Bill Oral Arguments before SCOTUS Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

Please note Justice Kagan's comments that the people should be happy to receive free benefits from the Federal government. Apparently this highly qualified Justice does not not have a clue as to how Federal feebees are paid for. Obama Socialist through and through. Government knows best because the people are not capable of making their own informed decision. Lets send 'Big Sis' a message in November!

Billy Jack

Health Care Biill Oral Arguments before SCOTUS Tuesday, March 27th, 2012

Very interesting Oral Arguments. Justices Breyer, Sotomayor, Ginsberg and Kagan make it very clear they believe Congress can pass any law it desires. Sad that they have forsaken the Constitution. By their questions, they make it very clear that Congress and the courts need not follow the Constitution if it is for the greater good. Just like Plato.

Out of the tens of thousands of attorneys and judges in the United States, the best Obama could do were Sotomayor and Kagan. Do not ever say Obama lacks a sense of humor, just look at his lifetime judicial appointments. The sad commentary here is that the joke is on the American people.

Billy Jack

Health Care Bill Oral Arguments before SCOTUS Monday, March 26th, 2012

Please take the time to listen to this. If this Bill is upheld, Congress will have the 'right' to make Americans buy or do virtually anything.

Billy Jack
Patriot & Sage

What could possibly go wrong?

Unemployment among black youth is 43.5%, New Black Panther Party has put a out a bounty of $10,000 on George Zimmerman, even though there is no warrant out for him. Rev. Al (where did you say my congregation is again?) Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Shelia Jackson Lee, and all the usual black 'activists' who would not have any power if blacks were off the 'plantation entitlements' are all out there stirring the pot of racial divisiveness over the unfortunate death of teenager Trayvon Martin. Emotions are running high. Our Community Organizer in Chief has not said a word about calm, or allowing the criminal justice system run its course.

The hair on the back of my neck is standing up. I am having a Rodney King De Ja Vu feeling about this. Rodney King was arguably a dirt bag but his beating and the subsequent no guilty of the LAPD officers in state court resulted in massive riots, 53 deaths, thousands of injuries and tens of millions of dollars in property damage. It was localized to California. We have already seen nationwide demon-stations over Trayvon Martin's death.

If the Administration was hoping for and event that he could use, this may be it. So, rather than calling for calm, Obama is silent. AG Eric Holder who could also calll for calm, has remained silent.

In all fairness, it is possible these two national leaders have not had time to fully assess the potential for civilian unrest and disorder that could escalate to a 'National Emergency'. Now where have I heard that expression before? Hum, National Emergency. Gee, if we were to have rioting in major urban areas across teh US from this or any other 'event' or series of events, it just might rise to a 'National Emergency'. I am just happy that we do not have any laws on the books that would give this President extraordinary powers under such a circumstance. I can relax now.

Billy Jack
Patriot, Sage

Obama assuming Dictatorial powers - Dick Morris

This was also echoed by Constitutional Attorney and radio host Mark Levin about two of Obama's most recent Executive Orders. Obama is basically 'ruling' America via Executive Orders and bypassing both Houses of Congress. No one in Congress seems to care or have the will to stop him.

Illegal appointments of Czars, 'Recess Appointments' when Congress is not in recess. We currently have people running this country that have never been vetted by the FBI which is a customary requirement.

This type of conduct is clearly explained in Mark Levin's new best seller, Ameritopia. Obama seems to believe he is Plato and he is busy creating Guardians to control all aspects of American life.

This Trojan Horse President is running a very clever 'Putney Swope' game on the country and using the race card to deflect criticism and few have the temerity to say: 'The Emperor has no cloths'!

Patriots, we are going to lose this country unless we pressure the House and Senate to follow the Constitution and do what has to be done.

Billy Jack

Obama's Social Security Registration form may be a forgery, surprise!

If I may paraphrase Prime Minister Netanyahu, 'if it walks like a duck, has feathers like a duck.....................'. Obama's Selective Service Registration form appears to be a forgery.

First, allow me to state I have no respect for the man currently in the White House. That said, this document appears to be a forgery. Over the past 39 years, I have examined tens of thousands of government documents in the course of investigations. In many instances I have conducted forensic examinations of the same documents contained in multiple files. Files have a fingerprint, if you will. All should appear similar with minor differences attributable to human and mechanical error in the course of handling and over time. What I search for in my examinations are anomalies that should not exist. If you were to review 100 of the same document, you should see certain things reproduce throughout the examination. Discrepancies or anomalies tend to stand out.

This is especially true when dealing with government documents where protocols are in place to avoid these variations. I can draw an analogy with walking into a Sears store. Sears, like many retailers depend on customers being able to locate products in each store in the same or similar location. I had occasion a few years ago to conduct an investigation in Canada. I was in two major cites and had to visit multiple Sears stores accompanied by members of the RCMP seeking Federal fugitives. I marveled at the fact that the stores were set up the same in each Canadian city as they were in the US. I commented to the RCMP officers I was working with. The store set up was a major component in our search for the 2 fugitives. I can share more about this in a private conversation should anyone be interested. And yes, we found them both and they were returned to the US and into FBI custody. The RCMP even allowed me to accompany them on one of the arrests. That was where I received one of my documented death threats.

Sheriff Arpaio and his Cold Case Posse are quite correct in their evaluation of Obama's document. This document contains one major anomaly which they were able to reproduce, the date stamp. Rather than manufacture a new date stamp for '1980', persons unknown, instead modified a '2008' stamp. Most likely the person or persons of interest did not feel the document would ever come under any scrutiny. By itself it is a rather insignificant document required of all men when they reach age 18. The person who created it may have had no idea what role it would possibly play in the future of this country.

Now if we accept the fact that this document is a forgery we have to ask why? It then sets the stage for other false documents and statements to support a false premise. If I were the person who had created this false document and I became aware that it and other connective documents faced possible scrutiny there would only be one possible way to obscure what I had done. Knowing that a persons complete life history is linked together by numbers, date of birth, Social Security number, passports, school records and the like. If I had the power, I would restrict access to all other documents that would prove this one a forgery. I would want to restrict access to my Social Security records, all school records, student loans, travel in and out of the country, birth and baptismal records. By so restricting access, I could make it virtually impossible to conclusively prove the suspect document was a forgery. On the other hand, if all of these documents were made available for inspection and competent investigators were able to do a 'time line' and validate numbers and sequence of events, additional forgeries and falsehoods would also become apparent.

I think the word that best fits is 'transparency'. If all documents in question were put forth for routine inspection, as has been the practice with all previous Presidents, the controversy would be immediately resolved or..............................................

I am going to allow each of you to finish that sentence in a way you are most comfortable with. Keep in mind that most minorities and many guilty white voters will either not care or not accept any conclusion that would affect their belief system. Human nature being what it is. If this be the case, the Constitution be damn, the Republic is lost!

'Good day, and good luck' Edward R. Murrow

Billy Jack
Patriot & Sage

Eric Holder 1995, wanted to use the 1st Amendment to subvert the 2nd Amendment

This Breitbart video of Eric 'Stedman Graham' Holder, circa 1995 shows the AG equating cigarette use with firearm possession. He speaks eloquently, without a black dialect (ode to Joe Biden) of how successful advertising has been on getting people to stop smoking. One thing our esteemed AG fails to acknowledge is that smoking is not protected by the Constitution.

If you watch the entire video, it is clear he is referring to young people carrying firearms. I guess we can use his own words, 'my people' as he eloquently used that expression in a more recent speech. Strange, when he now speaks of the need to control firearms, he is directing that to all Americans. In 1995 he seemed to be concerned with young men with whom he shared a common backgound. Now it is everyone. If we were to continue to follow his flawed logic, I assume it would be okay for Black Panthers to carry firearms as they, being 'his people' have been unfairly treated for years.

With his convoluted reasoning, wouldn't you like to read some of his legal pleadings? Oh but you can. The pleadings his office produced in defense of ObamaCare are priceless. Let'e recap. In 1995, he wanted to use the media to make firearms a bad thing. He is doing that today with Fast and Furious. Okay, so an occasional Border Patrol Agent and hundreds of Mexican citizens become collateral damage. That is okay, as it serves the greater good. The mainstream media is doing a yoemans job of selling ObamaCare. Any other similarities?

Why yes. AG Holder and Obama are telling Americans it is wrong for you to be responsible for your own health care and insurance. The Federal Government has a much better idea. Just as he wanted to use the media to convince young people to not carry weapons, something their parents should have done, he and the President are selling Utopian Health Care via the media. The people who deliver your mail and run Am Trak want you to believe they can better provide Health Care at lower cost and with better service.

The 43-47% of takers, who do not pay any Federal tax and in many cases receive something called the Earned Income Credit, think this is a great idea. Government is paying for everything else for them, why not health care? Ever notice that no matter what unconstitutional acts Obama and his Administration commit, his favorables never fall below, some of you are already ahead of me on this. That's right, 43-47%. See a pattern here? The takers will never turn against this President and his, for the most part, illegal Administration. The entitlement plantation has created its very own constituency.

By the way, when one thinks of welfare and entitlement constituency, one may see a black or brown face. That is not true. Whites far outnumber blacks and browns on 'programs'. Many are simply spineless, shiftless people lacking in self respect, dignity and ambition. And in many cases they are second or third generation on the dole. I have, in my law enforcement career even seen fourth generations on the dole.

It appears the mainstream media did as good a job vetting Holder as they did Obama. Congressional Committees have their own investigators who are also supposed to vet Cabinet nominees. Where were they on this? Judiciary Committee members rubber stamped this person just as they did with 'wise Latina' Sotomayor and 'Big Sis' Kagan.

For AG Holder. Weapons do not kill people. A lack of self respect and responsibility kills people. The firearm is simply an instrument of that mind set.

Billy Jack
Patriot & Sage

Afghan President calls for NATO to leave villages; Taliban scraps talks

Karzai has asked that NATO, essentially the United States with a token handful from other nations, remove troops from Afghanistan villages. You know, that is the place where the Taliban hide from our troops and under upside down, rules of engagement we are only able to attack during certain hours and under pre-determined conditions.

The Taliban have also cancelled talks. This is a major setback in the peace process. As you may recall, the Administration had agreed to rent office spece for the Taliban in Qatar for peace talks to take place. Taliban spokespersons have expressed concern that they had already selected carpets and drapes for their offices and were afraid they would lose their deposits. They were so confident they would have the Qatar offices to conduct peace talks that they had already submittted change of address forms to the Post Office and begun changing addresses with their magazines and periodicals. Additionaly, they had already packed their DISH receiver and were planning on having it installed locally once the move was completed. The spokesperson pointed out that they could save the US taxpayers some money by bringing the DISH receiver with them.

It would appear that Karzai, a noted historian of British Colonial battlefield tecniques, wants the US to arrange 'War Dates' with the Taliban. The US and Taliban would make mutually acceptable appointments to engage in combat at prearranged locations. This would have many positive aspects. Logistically ammunition, food and related supplies could be prepositioned for both sides and it would protect the infrastucture, most of which American taxpayers have paid for, safe from damage.

Hilary, looking smartly butch in one of her power pants suits seems to be warming to the idea. Michelle Obama is also receptive to the idea. It would allow her to have regular, pre planned face time with American and international media, showing concern for military families. This would free up more of her time for vacation travel, shopping, meeting with her husbands fawning supporters, drafting healthy diets for obese children and adults and of course work in her health conscious garden.

All in all this Karzai request may have many benefits and it should not be dismissed out of hand by Americans who want to know exactly what the 'Mission', is and if it can be accomplished. As the Beatles said in their famous song; "Give War a Chance'.

Billy Jack
Patriot, Sage , Humorist

Foundation v Sheriff Baca in Superior Court aka, the Little Lawsuit That Can't

Gee, this Brave does not know where to start. Well, it has had its desired effect. The faithful have diverted funds normally sent to Ron Paul or TV Evangelists back to the Foundation. They are so happy to give up their money that they are posting amounts donated, on the Foundation site.

Lets take a good look a this brand new Los Angeles Superior Court lawsuit against Sheriff Baca. Foundation officials are telling the faithful that it has sent shock waves across the state and has law enforcement officials 'quaking' in their shoes. What are these people drinking? County Counsel already has a 'Boiler Plate' response ready in their computer for this type of suit.

Plaintiff's claim they are faced with illegal additional expenses and fees by having to apply to their Chief and be denied. In the next breath, they allege Monterey Park Chief Smith and San Gabriel Chief Lawton do not issue CCW. If neither department issues CCW or provides applications, there are no fees to pay. Granted, unless both have delegated to Sheriff Baca, they are clearly in violation of Salute v Pitchess. Funny thing is the suit does not name either Chief as a Defendant nor request as a remedy, that both comply with Salute.

The suit alleges all three 'real' Plaintiffs attempted to apply to their respective departments but the Complaint fails to indicate when or how. This would have been clarified by Daclarations from all three Plaintiffs. These Declarations would have also clarified that all three Plaintiffs have exhausted all administrative remedies and thus have a legal basis to file suit.

Lets address the meat of the case, such as it is. Requiring city applicants to first apply and be denied by their Chief as a prerequisite to applying to Sheriff Baca. County Counsel will allege, if the case gets that far, more on that in a moment, that there is a 'rational basis' for this requirement. If County Counsel can establish this to the satisfaction of the court, game over!

As to the case getting that far, not very likely. County Counsel will first file a MTD, Motion to Dismiss. They will claim, amongst other things, a failure to exhaust administrative remedies, lack of standing for the Foundation and once again game over!

Nothing is ever certain in litigation, Brave has lerned that from personal and professional experience over the past 40 years. But, what is certain is the need to present certain facts before the court to keep your case alive. Brave fails to see those facts or one more very important element. What exactly is the 'Good Cause' of the three Plaintiffs? Merely residing in Los Angeles County and paying taxes may not rise to the standard set forth in the Attorney General Opinion of 1977.

It may be that the Plaintiffs counsel is saving all of these elements of the case to be presented at a future date when necessary to defend against the MTD and the request for Summary Judgment that are sertain to occur. Brave is going to get some beef jerky, organic of course, and watch this case move ever so slowly through the process. I ask that all Foundation members not be deterred by my evaluation and keep sending in those contributions. In that same vein, perhaps I can arrange a Reverend Jim Jones type junket for a Guyana type experience. Misguided synchophants always wind up the same way, broke, dead or discouraged. Foundations members have a choice.

Billy Jack

Vermont voter registration policies invite fraud

In keeping with Breitbart vetting Barack Obama, this video shows how SEIU, ACORN and other George Soros type organizations can steal an election by voter fraud. Take note that AG Eric Holder has just sued Texas over its law that requires photo ID at the polling place. Seems the Obama Administration has a real problem with people proving who they are when they vote.

Is this not the very same Administration that required Iraqi and Afghans to show photo ID when they voted in recent elections? 90% of Afghans are illiterate and they maneged to obtain photo ID to vote. Are we to assume Eric Holder feels blacks, Latinos and our American poor are dumber than illiterate Afghans? Shame on you Mr. Holder for selling our minorities and poor short on intelligence.

Billy Jack

Dinesh D'Souza on Barack Obama

This Youtube clip gives you a glimpse of a movie coming out this summer on Obama. Obama & 2016. The movie shows what America will look like in 2016 if Obama is given a second term and fully implements his vision of America, or rather his Father's dreams for America. He views America as a Colonial power that steals wealth and resources from poorer nations. Obama's goal, to level the playing field and reduce the United States influence in the worled on all levels. Well boys and girls, he is well on his way. If he gets another 4 years with a spineless Congress as we now have, America as we know it is over.

Politically correct people will never use the 'N' word as it applies to Obama. Congress has another PC word they are afraid to use. The 'I' word. That's right Impeachment! Congress cannot force themselves to enforce the Constitution. This Putney Swope, Mr. Bojangles President has done more than enough to be removed for cause. I will not go into them here as those of you who follow the news and his actions already know what he has done to weaken this country and impose his illegal agenda on us. ObamaCare is the most well known but not the most outrageous. Making Recess Appointments when Congress is not in recess. Appointing like minded Judges at the District, Appeals and SCOTUS level. Who would employ 'Big Sis' Elena Kagan, a synchophant of both Obama and Harvard Law Professor Derrick Bell, in the private sector? Or that 'wise Latina' Sotomayer for that matter.

He has appointed the weirdest collection of un qualified Socialists and avowed Communists in the history of this country. Secretary of Defense Panetta. What experience does he bring to the job except being a loyal Democactic member of the House? 'Big Sis'Janet Napolitano Director of Homeland Security? That one speaks for itself.

Billy Jack

More Breitbart on Harvard Law Professor Derrick Bell and President Barack 'Putney Swope' Obama

The Breithbart organization expands on Adjunct Professor Obama's assigned reading of radical racist Professor Derrick Bell for his students. Makes a lot of sense why Obama has had ALL his Harvard documents sealed from public access. As the first black President and Hrvard graduate, one would think he would want everyone to see his writings and papers. What will he have to place in his Presidential library after he leaves office if all of his records are sealed?

Billy Jack

The Vetting of President Baracka 'Putney Swope' Obama Continues


This is the release of the first new Obama college tape(s)

In the tapes he endorces radical, black nationalist, blame white America for all blacks problems, Harvard Law Professor Derrick Bell. As Obama would say: 'Just a guy in the neighborhood'. Add this to Williams Ayres and Bernadette Dorn and it would seem that 'Putney Swope' Obama has lived in some very Socialist neighborhoods. Hannity showed the first, unedited version of many tapes the Breithbart organization has in its possession. These tapes are the legacy of Andrew Breitbart. He announced at CPAC that he had these and was going to vet Obama. There is only so much the media and the Speeple can ignore. Local media outlets have released spliced and diced snippets of the first tape. Breitbart is doing in death, what the lamestream media would not do in life. His family can be very proud. The lamestream media should hang their heads in shame for not doing their jobs.

If you missed it, it is now posted on Breitbart. It is now our responsibility to put pressure on the media to further vet 'Putney Swope' Obama. If we do nothing, the media will ignore this and go on to avoid placing this man under a microscope as they have the Republican candidates. If you have access to a Blog., please post about the need to vet Obama and protect the Constitution. A re-election of this Putney Swope, Manchurian Candidate will seal the fate of this country and possibly bring about a Seven Days in May type situation. I prefer we do something this President has not done, follow the Constitution. Petition Congress for redress. Call and e-mail your local newspapers and editorial boards. Phone and call your members of Congress. They are, after all your employees.

And last but not least, stop being afraid of a black blacklash if this Pretender in Chief is removed, impeached or proved to be a fraud. In the back of the minds of virtually member of the House and Senate, with a few exceptions, is this pervasive fear of what it might do to the country if they prove this man a fraud or remove him from office. They are sitting on their hands terrified of the thought of the possible consequences of his removal and hoping the American electorate will correct the mistake made in 2008 at the election box in 2012. If we allow Barack 'Putney Swope' Obama to get away with this, the greatest fraud of the century, then we do not deserve the rights our Founding Fathers envisioned for us and what many millions of brave Americans have shed blood and given their lives for. All power rests with the citizens of the United States of America, all power to the people!

'Semper Paratus'

Billy Jack

Israeli PM Netanyahu speech to AIPAC March 5, 2012

PM Netanyahu addressing AIPAC conference. 'If it looks like a duck.............!' PM Netanyahu is a fantastic speaker. No nonsense and no teleprompter. 21 minute speech. Worth your investment in time to watch.

Billy Jack

The Vetting of President Barack 'Putney Swope' Obama

This is the first in a series by Andrew Breitbart's site that will serve to vet Barack Obama. This was put in place before Mr. Breitbart's untimely death. This being a firearm site one may think we are only concerned with firearm rights. This is not the case. We are concerned with all the rights bestowed by our Constitution. Many of those rights are being eroded on an almost daily basis by this President.

It is my hope that you will take the time to visit the Breithbart site we are linked to and then do your own 'due diligence'. This is how a Democratic Republic works. We will continue to post links to future Breitbart website vetting of this President. I want to see the electorate as informed and focused as possible for the upcoming election.

Thank you for your time.

Billy Jack

Sheriff LeRoy Baca allowing well connected Reserves/Contributors to take home unmarked Sheriff cars,0,6705423.story

Not much this Brave can add to story about his old department. I can not think of any logical reason for any Reserve to ever take an unmarked car home.

I am sure Baca will come up with some sort of justification. Hey, how about Foundation members applying for both CCW's and unmarked Sheriff cars? Kill two birds with one stone. We have a saying in the military, RHIP and Baca seems to be faithfuly following this.

Billy Jack
Patriot, Sage, Humorist

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