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Billy Jack's Pow Wow Corner

Thoughts on CCW issuing practice in California

Archives for: April 2012

Man With CCW Stops Knife Attack At Smith's Marketplace in Salt Lake City

Patriots, this story speaks for itself.

Billy Jack

These Guys Got Osama Bin Laden

New TV ad shows who really got Bin Laden. It was not the 'weak sister' Pretender in Chief. Let's give credi to the brave men who really did the job, not a narcissistic excuse for a President.

Billy Jack

Senator Boxer working on Bill to allow IRS to suspend 2nd Amendment RIghts, restrict travel and place you on a no fly list

Patriots, this is one scary Bill Senator Barbara Boxer is quietly working on. If passed, it would give the IRS unprecedented powers to ban your 2nd Amendment rights as well as place restrictions on a number of Constitutional Rights if you are 'Suspected' of owing the government $50,000 or more.

No hearing or trial. This Bill would bestow unconstitutional unilateral powers on the IRS. Do not mistakenly believe Obama is the only problem in Washington. We have a Cadre of Socialists who have been working tirelessly while many Americans watched their big screen TV'x and other diversions. Read Plato, "For the greater good". That is what all of these restrictive laws are all about. To make us all servants to the state as we are too stupid to know what is good for us. Our leaders desire to substitute their judgment for ours. I say, 'Not on my watch!'

I want to see those phone lines and e-mails inundte Senators and Representatives. Standing together we can stop this tyranny, standing alone we shall fall.

Billy Jack

The Intersection of Rodney King and Trayvon Martin

As the expression goes, it isn't over until it is over. There is a very real chance urban centers across the nation could explode dependent upon the outcome of this over filed case. Even liberal Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz agrees the evidence does not rise to support Second Degree Murder. Thus a not guilty or directed verdict by the court is a real possibility.

Good old Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton will rack up many frequent fliers miles jetting back and forth between the Martin case in Florida and a bad police shooting of a black suspect in Pasadena. When will these two stalwart champions of justice find time to rest between cases?

It is Kubuki Theater ladies and gentlemen. One has got to wonder what President 'Mr. Bojangles' Obama and Agitator General Eric 'The White Hater' Holder will do if 'spontaneous' disturbances break out across America? Wait, did not Obama get Martial Law authority in the recently signed National Defense Authorization Act? Sleep well ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. Obama has too much respect for the Constitution to do anything so radical. Does he now laddie? Besides he is too 'Cool' to use such an unfortunate event to further his Socialist agenda.

Billy Jack

Presidents Don't Chest Bump And First Ladies Don't Not Hump the Floor

This black conservative says it like it is. We have a clown and a clowness in the White House who will do virtually anything to appear cool to the entitlement crowd. I, for one, do not want a hip, cool President who shucks and jives with the best of them. I saw enough men(?) like Obama in modules at the old Los Angeles County HOJ Jail and seated in the back of my patrol car. Never in my wildest imagination could I have imagined the voters would elevated one of these people to the highest office in the land. If people like George Clooney want to be 'cool' by association by hosting $35,000 per person fundraisers for 'Mr. Bojangles' I can save him some time and expense.

He can have his driver take him to the Inmate Release Center at the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Detention Center. He can pick up as many people like Obama as he desires and hang out with them drinking from beverages in paper bags and smoking Shermans. Yeah, Mr. Clooney, Tom Hanks, Johnnny Depp, you fools want to hang out with cool, go to the source!

Billy Jack

Federal Government Safety Net has become a Hammock for millions of entitlement slackers

Billy Jack

Breitbart Article on Obama and Professor Bell shows Obama is all about Race

This Breitbart article demonstrates Obama, Mr. Bojangles, per recent spontaneous acts of singng, dancing, public drinking, shucking, jiving and other manifestations the we have a 'Soul Man' in the White House. Obama has spent the past 3.5 years pretending that he is not a 'racial' President. He wants to bring us all together. So did Hitler in Germany! But I degress. His associations, known and suspected show he is little better than Sharpton, Jackson or Farrakhan. He just has better press, a Teleprompter and the left media in his pocket. So enamored are they of this hip young black man who became President, that they would destroy their own belief system if they had to acknowledge they were wrong about hin. Thus they either ignore or minimize his unconstutional and illegal acts. The media also attacks, marginalizes and attempts to destroy his detractors.

If we, the American people had access to his papers at Columbia, Harvard and every other institution where he studied and wrote papers we would have a far different picture than he presents to America.

I am on record that he is the most dangerous domestic threat to the Constitution, this country and the American way of life to have occurred in my lifetime. Time to stop fooling yourself America. A big mistake was made by many white voters and we are all now paying the price for the stupidity, ignorance and self serving, pathological conscisnce cleaning people who voted for this man!

Have I made my position clear on President Obama?

Billy Jack

Those raising serious Constitutional issues are marginalized

Excerpted from WND
Karen Wooley HolsoppleCollapse

I do NOT understand why it's so difficult to get this p.o.s. to show his proof. Those who have nothing to hide, hide nothing! Has ANY other president gone to such lengths to HIDE his past? If he was born in Hawaii, lets see an AUTHENTIC b.c. Let's see what passport was used to travel to Pakistan. Let's see his college transcripts. Let's see WHY he surrendered his law license. Let's see why Michelle has an 'inactive' law license. If he REALLY wants a chance at a second term, why WOULDN'T he show this proof and be done with it? And why, as a country WITH a Constitution and government branches elected to UPHOLD the Constitution, we can't MANDATE that this information be required. These are legitimate requests for anyone in the U.S. to apply for ANY type of job, never mind THE most prestigious job in the U.S. WHY wouldn't he want to show this information IF it were all true and above board??? Because he's a LYING, CHEATING, THIEVING P.O.S. that has NO right to be in OUR White House!!!!!! He's destroying OUR country and needs to be STOPPED!!!!!!!! Even his Social Security number is STOLEN from a French Immigrant (who came here legally!!!) from Connecticut, who, after retiring from his job in Connecticut, moved to Hawaii. After he passed away in Hawaii, Owebummer's grandmother, who worked in the Clerk's office part time, searched all SS # records and found the French Immigrant's number and used IT for her grandson because the deceased never claimed retirement benefits!!!!!

Billy Jack agrees fully with Ms Wooley's statement and the WND article. Time for all people to raise their voices on these serious Constitutional issues while we still enjoy that freedom.

Billy Jack

Obama' Slow jamming the news'

Our very own 'Mr. Bojangles' Obama, shucking and jiving for votes. Can you say pandering boys and girls? What next, a surprise appearance on American Idol or Survivors? What about Glee? No, I am afraid Glee might be a little too close to his 'real world' for him to go there.

Billy Jack

Comrade Obama

Comrade Obama seems to think he is running a third world country what with his czars and other unconstitutional actions. Frankly, I am waiting for him to suspend the Constitution. Where will this man draw the line? Congress shows no sign they are willing or able to do so.

Billy Jack

As Senator, Obama missed two votes on student loan bill he now wants to extend

A day late and two votes short. Our posturing President is blaming Republicans for not supporting this Bill. A Bill he missed two votes on when he was a Senator, He did not even have the presence of mind to answer 'Present'. Perhaps he was back in Chicago visiting one of those bath houses he is alleged to have been fond of.

Damn shame we do not have a media with the intergity to thoroughly vet this Manufactured, Manchurian Candidate, Trojan Horse man who came from nowhere and left no footprints in the sand excuse for a President. Worse yet, we have a spineless Congress who are charged with protecting the Constitution, who are too afraid of black backlash to address his ongoing unconstitutional conduct through Impeachment.

I do not want to leave out the sheepish, uninformed white voters who handed our country over to this virtual stranger about whom so little is known. Don't you want to see his political writings at Occidental, Columbia and Harvard? Don't you want to see how he felt about his own country, what he had plans to do to it and its people? Is anyone not the least bit curious?

This Brave shall have to continue stockpiling necessary provisions for the conflagration that this most devious and evil man will almost certainly bring about.

Catholic Bishops take bold stand against Obama Administration

I am pleased to see our religious leaders taking a bold stand against an obvious Constitutional violation by this outlaw Administration. They have apparently seen past the 'Mr Bojangles' smile and the shucking and jiving of this Hitler, Castro, Chavez wanatbee. Perhaps they had pairs of special sun glasses as used in the movie classic 'They Live'. A well informed person does not need tohave these glasses to see this person for what he really is. A lying, phony, two bit Chicago thug who was carefully chosen and groomed to fool really stupid white voters and entitlement blacks who vote for freebies and skin color while failing to 'come off the plantation' and join mainstream Americans in supporting the Constitution and not asking for handouts.

If he were not so 'clean and well spoken, with no Negro dialect' he would be working the streets like so many of his brethren. America, he is running a game on you. Time to wake up and read your Constitution. He is evil incarnate running an outlaw Administration. If we had a real Attorney General we could probably initiat a RICO investigation of Obama, his Asministration, Czars and various appointees. Want more of Sotomayer and Kagan? Then do your 'due diligence' and do not put this created leader back in office.

If I have offended anyone by my comments, good! Perhaps I have made you think.

Billy Jack

Members of Congress suggest having more female Secret Service Agents might have helped avoid Colombia Sex Scandal

Two really stupid and silly members of Congress suggested having more female Agents might help avoid what took place in Colombia. Senator Susan Collins and Representative Carolyn Maloney made this startling observations.

Following their ill informed logic, I will go them two better. Hire more Gay male Agents or better yet, Eunuchs, Castrated men. These are two examples of the quality of the people running the country. Collins, a RINO Republican who has announced she will not be running for reelection and Maloney, a Democrat. What this shows clearly is that stupid exists on both sides of the aisle in Washington. Rumors that Collins may seek part time emloyment in Colombia are purely speculative. I have seen her and I simply can not believe the rumors. Whoring ones self out in Congress does not guarantee success in the private sector.

It also affirms a saying we have on Reservation. 'Fish rot from the head down!'

Billy Jack

Barack 'Putney Swope' Obama, A man for no Seasons

Obama is a bad dream come true. Wake up America, this is your worst nightmare. Here we happily gave the reigns of government to the poor opressed ghetto hustler who manipulated Rev. Wright's congrigation of black church ladies all the way to the US Senate. (Find a weekness in the electorate and then exploit it.) Then he realized that he had good teeth and a great smile, and America loved that. (Check one for the grifter!)

David Axelrod, are you ready for this?, is the great grandson of LEON TROTSKY. BILL AYRES parents paid for Obama's education at Harvard. And the taxpayer has been paying for him ever since! He is a pink diaper baby, probably not even born here. Why did we buy into this? Are we this stupid? If we re-elect this man he will bring us down. OBAMA IS THE FIRST UNAMERICAN PRESIDENT. He is the wet dream of liberals come true. He is the maturation of the moral collapse of the 1960's.

He cannot be re-elected. America wake up and dump this illusion. If we don't wake up he will smile his glib way back into the White House and the stupid Democrats who think this is all about control and the buck will be our sad end. Our demise will make the collapse of the Roman Empire look like small potatoes.

Have you noticed how he has really achieved nothing? All he does is distract us with silly non-issues while he whispers behind our backs and takes off on another course - as with the whispering session with Medvidev? Come on guys ... WAKE UP !!!

Billy Jack
Patriot & Oath Keeper

Protecting the President effectively

Now that the Secret Service has been disgraced by a few Agents refusing to pay for services rendered, it has brought into focus how this President is protected and if the Secret Service are the right people. Presidential security has always been a difficult duty. Made more so by a President who has shown contempt for the military,the Constitution and law enforcement in general.

Perhaps it is time, in the interests of safety to consider a change. The President should be guarded by professionals who share his devotion to the Constitution and American values. I have pondered this matter for some time and the Colombia misconduct allegations have caused me to put this on the front burner. Security for this President should be immediately outsourced to the Nation of Islam. Reverend Louis Farrakhan, has created the perfect para military unit for this task. The Fruit of Islam. This is an all male, para military unit specially trained to protect leaders of the Nation of Islam.

Clearly their values mirror the values and ethics of our current President. They and he would be a perfect match. No more worry about problems with prostitutes or alcohol from this group. An intersting side benefit is Michelle would be able to purchase those wonderful Sweet Potato Pies in bulk. She could distribute this arguably healthy food product to our nations schools as a component of her war on obesity.

Interesting how a President who talks peace has so many wars going on. War on women, war on our own military with those dangerous and silly rules of engagement. I like to call it war by appointment, as we have to seek the permission of village elders to attack after dark. So much for the element of surprise.

I will be bringing up my ideas for Presidential security when and if I am visited by members of the Secret Service over my support of Ted Nugents recent spot on statements about our corrupt President and his equally corrupt Administration. I will keep all posted on this.

If the President were to embrace my idea, I have another one about giving Cabinet positions to Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. I realize they may not desire to give up their congragations. Oh, I am sorry, I forgot they do not have congregations. In there recent actions in thr Trayvon Martin case thay have shown an interest in fairness, the law and the Constitution. I am sure our President can find a spot for two such ethical, upstanding citizens. Perhaps a couple of Recess Appointments at night or on the weekend, wink, wink, when Congress is not in session. He has made Congress irrelevant anyway, so there should not be a problem.

Billy Jack

Ted Nugent on Dana Radio Show 04-17-12

Great interview with a great American who respects the entire Constitution. Ted Nugent has our back and this Brave has his.

Billy Jack

Ted Nugent at NRA Convention

I agree with everything Ted Nugent said and then some. The Obama Administration is criminal and corrupt from the top down. If agreeing with him is a 'flag' for a Secret Service visit, bring it on! Something about the 1st Amendment.

Billy Jack

Consensus Grows over Obama's Coup over the United States Constitution

This is a rather long article that you may want to save. It covers numerous statements on video and in Obama's own words about what he plans to do and how he plans to bypass both Congress and the Supreme Court to achieve his objectives. It also discusses how, if he is down in the polls and faced with defeat in the election, how he will fabricate a 'national emergency' to get Americans to rally around the President. I have discussed this possible scenario many times in the past. Reads like a play book to take over the United States. The article also details plans Obama has for after his reelection to tighten his control of all areas of communication and suspend various parts of the Constitution.

What makes the article so scary is that is uses video of Obama and written speeches. Talk about hiding in plain view. Obama has demonstrated a capacity for lying tot the public and media that is unprecedented. As recent as last night he was caught in a really big lie that is provable with his own words. In response to the firestorm created by his adviser, Hilary Rosen in her attack on Ann Romney having never worked a day in her life. Obama told a reporter on video, saw it myself on my local FOX affiliate in Los Angeles, that he knew raising children was a full time job as his mother, was a single mom raising him and he understood that to be a full time job.

This is a lie! In his two autobiographies, he tells how he was given up to his maternal grandparents to raise almost immediately after his birth while she went to the mainland to attend college. She did not retake custody and care of young Barry until she met her new husband and they moved to Indonesia. This is a typical Obama lie as was his story, also proved to be false, that his dying mother was denied insurance coverage. He used this bogus story to generate support and sympathy for ObamaCare during its passage.

Work on your friends and associates who drank the Kool Aid with the facts contained within this article. It is very well researched and points an objective person in the right direction. I do not believe many of his sycophants and entitlement supporters fully realize what his true objectives are and how ruthless he will be in achieving them. That lovable 'Barry' smile, like most things about this man is a facade.

Billy Jack

Agitator General Eric Holder addresses civil rights group founded by Rev. Al Sharpton


This story would be funny if it did not have so many dangerous ramifications. AG Holder supporting Al Sharpton. is like Eldridge Cleaver supporting Bobby Seale. Pity the average American voter has such a short memory. Al Sharpton should have gone to prison over the Twana Brawley fraud he perpetrated. He was sued by the investigating officers and the prosecutor, lost and never paid a dollar of the jury award against him. AG Holder chooses his friends rather poorly. Or does he?

Seems like we could have eliminated the middle man and elected a member of the Black Panthers directly, rather than a surrogate. Nope, that would not have worked. Needed a black man who would not scare white voters. Had to be well spoken, smell good, no discernable black dialect, close cropped hair, no Afro like Obama had in HS or College, no fawning white girlfriend or wife. As you may recall and as Obama has written, he preferred dating white women. Once he decided to enter the public arena, he realized that would not wash with most white voters so he brought Michelle on board.

My observations are fact based and easily verified. May scare some of the weak ones out there. Good! When push comes to shove and TSHTF, I do not want to be around weak people. Alpha males and females only!

Billy Jack

Will US Troops fire on American Citizens? 20% said they would.

This is a very long article but well worth your time to read. Couple this article with the purchase of 45 million rounds of ammunition and it may give you a moment to pause. Why is Homeland Security buying so much ammo, none of it practice rounds?

'Chance favors the prepared mind' Billy Jack

Billy Jack

Agitator General says voter fraud is not a problem, James O'Keefe, a white male is offered Holder's Primary Ballot

In spite of what Agitator General Holder claims, voter fraud does seem to be a problem. James O'Keefe, of Project Veritas went to Holder's polling place for the DC Primary and was offered the esteemed AG's ballot. Mr. O'Keefe did not identify himself as Holder, he simply asked if they had a person with that name registered and the Poll worker was going to provide him with Holder's ballot. Mr. O'Keefe is white and the Poll worker did not ask for identification.

This simple test demonstrates that anyone can walk into most states Polling places and vote under any name. The states that have enacted photo ID requirements are doing the right thing. Holder is busy suing many states that have just passed such laws. This in spite of the fact that a recent Supreme Court decision upheld just such laws.

We all know how difficult it is to get the dead to DMV or other designated locations to have photos taken. Illegal alien voters present a different challenge with the language issue and all. AG Holder has already gone on record stating blacks will have a difficult time complying with this requirement. Something about Darwin was right or something. Perhaps he could take time away from his busy schedule stalling two Congressional Committees on his participation in and knowledge of Fast and Furious. Do you think employees of ATF usurped his authority and set up the alleged sting all by themselves? Perhaps they thought he was not intelligent enough to understand what they were trying to accomplish or perhaps he was out seeking photo ID for himself so he could vote. Or he could have been at a New Black Panther Party support group. Maybe they just wanted to embarrass their minority boss to make him look bad.

A lot of speculating there I am afraid.

Billy Jack

David Plouffe, Obama's own Joseph Goebbels?

Watch this informative video from the 2008 campaign and draw your own conclusions. David Plouffe is Obama's own Minister of Propaganda. Look at the looks of joy and adulation on the faces of Obama supporters. Then look at historical footage of Hitler rallies. Need more? Look at the faces of Reverend Jim Jones followers from the 1960's. Same look. They are all mesmerized and can not understand why the rest of us can not understand that this is the man who can deliver America from evil and solve all of our problems.

On March 7th, in his Easter address, Obama told us he knew what Jesus was thinking in the Garden of Gethsemanee. Are you believing this egomaniac, messianic empty suit? Millions of guilty, clueless white voters did what millions of blacks looking for a deliverer, a savior if you will, did. The black voters would have voted for a black felon as the message was not as important as the race of the messenger.

The white voters remind me of an episode of Star Trek where the alien appeared to each crew member in a different form. To the youngest male crew member it appeared as an appealing young woman, to Dr. McCoy, a former lover and so on. This is what we have in Obama. You look at him and he is saying what each person wants to hear him say. Interview 10 different people, even today at an Obama event as to what he just said and you will hear 10 different stories. People, this is beyond scary.

His adoration by white female voters is consistent with that shown by whores to their pimps. They know he is not good for them but he is so magical to be around and he takes care of them, except when they come up short and he beats them up. Just like the pimps white whores, they will forgive him his transgressions because in the end, he has their best interests at heart. That is your non clinical white female voter facination with 'Putney Swope' Obama.

Politicians have always lied their way into office by telling different voting blocks different things. This is the first President in memory that has the abilty to make people believe about him whatever they are comfortable with. The average Amereican voter is so horribly uninformed that Mr. Plouffe has little problem manipulating them. Most Americans watch mainstream media who are totally in the tank for the black, Socialist President. They will not use their considerable resources to vet this man. We knew more about the soldier who is alleged to have killed 19 Afghans, within 48 hours of his arrest than we know about Obama after 3.5 years in office. Yes, they have the resources but they are fearful to use them, lest they be accused of racism. Remember, Obama ran as the post racial candidate and we can not do anything to affect or weaken that. Even though we now know he was a fan of racist Harvard Law Professor Derrick Bell, a friend of 1960's radical Bill Ayres and his spouse Bernadine Dohrn, sat in the church and was married and had his chidren baptised by black separist minister Jeremiah Wright.

I get a kick out of Obama referring to Ayres and Dohrn as 'people in the neighborhood'. I guess we can place Derrick Bell, the Reverend Wright and all the other radicals he has associated with over the years in that same category. In law enforcement, if you have a person hanging around with dope dealers, pimps, prostitutes, gang bangers it is not enough for them to say they are just people you are hanging around with because they are 'from the neighborhood'. One would would think that a person who aspires to run for the highest elected office in the country would be a little more selective with whom they hang around with. Unless, these people are not just neighbors but confidants, advisors, role models, mentors and so forth.

I am not even going to deal with the issue of his birth and eligibility to serve, as that is an entirely different Blog. Post. He is a very dangerous person as are the compliant Progessive members of both Houses of Congress and the spineless, weak weasels in the Republican party. Obama can not single handedly dismantle this country anymore that Adolf Hitler could take over Germany, Musollini, Italy, or Hugo Chavez, Venezuela. We have a complicit media, a 'Running Man' American population that is happy with its cage fighting, reality television shows and other mind numbing diversions fed to them daily on large screen, plasma TV's. People who can tell you the stats for their favorite team and players, adorn their vehicles and homes with sports flags and symbols but who are unable to name their state or Federal Representative and have never made a call, e-mailed or, heaven forbid written a letter to any elected official on any subject. These are your fellow voters people. I can only speak for myself, but I have grave concerns, not just for the upcoming elections but for the future of the country I grew up in.

Billy Jack

A Guide to Understanding President Barack 'Putney Swope' Obama

For those too busy, read that as lazy, to read Saul Alinsky, our President has and he has taken the writings to heart, I have a primer on how to understand President Obama.

Suggested reading.
His Occidential College transcripts and admission documents. Sorry, sealed from public view.

His Columbia College transcripts and admissions records. Sorry, sealed from public view.

His Harvad Law School transcripts, admission records, student loan records, lectures, class syllabus's, lecture notes and student loan records. Sorry, sealed from public view.

His Social Security records. Sorry, sealed from public view.

His Selective Service records. Sorry, sealed from public view.

His passport records. Sorry, sealed from public view.

His public school records up through high school. Sorry, sealed from public view.

Baptismal records. Sorry, sealed from public view.

His State Bar files with Illinois. Sorry, sealed from public view.

His mothers passport records. Sorry, inadvertently destroyed.

US Customs airport records for people entering the United States the week folowing Obams's birth. Sorry, they are no longer in the National Archives.

Years from now, if the United States still exists, historians will want to write about this gifted, Constitutional scholar and first black President. Where will they do their research? How will they do their research? All records normally used to chronicle the life of a President are sealed on this one. It has been suggested, somewhat tongue in cheek, that he will write his own historical text of how he became President. After all, he has already written two autobiographies before age 42. I know his writing style is very similar to former(?) terrorist William 'Bill' Ayers, but that like many things about this President is conjecture.

Now if you are like many Americans, you do not like to read books. How about some movies you can rent to better understand this President? I have compiled a nice viewing list, ala Leonard Maltin to make things easy.

Putney Swope (1969)
Dark satire in which the token black man on the executive board of an advertising firm is accidentally put in charge. Renaming the business "Truth and Soul, Inc." He replaces the tight regime of monied white ad men with his militant brothers. Soon afterwards, howerver the power that comes with its position takes a toll on Putney.

The Manchurian Candidate (1962)
This original version deals with communists kidnapping and brainwashing a soldier and returning him and his unit where he is hailed as a hero. The brainwashed and programmed soldier has a mission to change the future of the United States.

Seven Days in May (1964)
This one is speaks for itself and I will leave it to readers to evauate its relevance to our current

Billy Jack

'Question my Muslim Faith' Freudian slip?


In this not so often played video from a George Stephanopoulos interview, the anointed one makes a vary interesting slip of the tongue. Highly educated, so we are told, as his college records are sealed, we see this poised, clean, well spoken, per Joe Biden, undocumented and unvetted President make a most interesting statement that is caught and quickly cleaned up by George Stephanopoulos. Had the interviewer not brought ths to Obama's attention he would never have realized what he had said. I am a very open minded person. I am also a trained investigator who has interviewed thousands of suspects, victims, and witnesses. How does one make a Freudian slip and refer to themselves as a Muslim in error? That is akin to a person misstating their gender or race. If anyone can explain how this 'slip of the tongue' occurred I am open to discussion.

Good day and good luck.

Billy Jack

UN, A Day late and a Dollar Short - As Usual


It would appear that the good old useless United Nations are about to place peacekeepers in Syria. It has set an April 10th deadline for Assad's troops to stop killing civilians. That gives Assad just 6 days to catch up with or ellipse his father. Hafez Assad, killed 10,000 to 25,000 civilians when he had to assert power during his reign. Is this a good time to mention that 'reign' was the same term used by Obama confidant and right hand woman Valerie Jarrett, when Obama was elected? Anyway, Assad, the Junior, has only slain 8,000 civilians so he clearly has some catching up to do.

Perhaps Obama is saving Syria in case he needs a more timely 'event' closer to the election, assuming Israel does not attack Iran first. Worst case scenario, Obama will have to create a 'False Flag' attack on a US city to justify his ends. It is becoming more and more apparent that there was massive voter fraud in the 2008 elections so we can expect George Soros funded similar activity, by SEIU, ACORN. public employee union goons in the upcoming election. Hey, if nothing else we shall see many of the scenarios depicted in '24' with Jack Bauer, acted out in reality. I can hardly wait.

Billy Jack

5th Circuit Court Sends Obama and Agitator General Holder a message on Judicial Review

The Circuit Court sent Agitator General Holder and his Bro Obama a message via a homework assignment for an ObamaCare case before the panel. The Deputy AG was told to have a three page, single spaced letter on the panel's desk by 1200, Thursday, April 5th, 2012. The letter will have to explain the AG and indirectly, wink, wink, Obama's understanding of Judicial Review and be signed by the AG personally.

Those of us who took an oath in the military or law enforcement understand that we must follow all Constitutional orders and conversely, refuse to follow unconstitutional orders. This extends to our slick, charismatic, narcissistic, smooth talking (with a Teleprompter) less than forthright or intellectually honest President. No one, not even President Obama is above the law. Federal courts are charged by the Constitution with the duty to exercise Judicial Review of laws which fail to meet a Constitutional test. It is unfortunate that our President and his AG failed Government 101 and were MIA in their in law school when Marbury was discussed. Based on Obama's support of Professor Derrick Bell, he most likely dismissed the case because it was written by some old white males. Billy Jack wants to commend this three Judge panel for having the integrity to say in essence, 'Mr. President, Mr Attorney General, we understand Judical Review, Marbury v Madison (1803)'. The Federal Courts have a duty to review challenged laws.

Billy Jack

Merchants of Dispair

This video is a must see for all Patriots and voters. Professional, concise overview of where the country is and how we got here from 2008 to present. It may scare some ill informed with facts and substance. If you like this video, visit this site:

Billy Jack

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