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Billy Jack's Pow Wow Corner

Thoughts on CCW issuing practice in California

Post details: Catholic Bishops take bold stand against Obama Administration

Catholic Bishops take bold stand against Obama Administration

I am pleased to see our religious leaders taking a bold stand against an obvious Constitutional violation by this outlaw Administration. They have apparently seen past the 'Mr Bojangles' smile and the shucking and jiving of this Hitler, Castro, Chavez wanatbee. Perhaps they had pairs of special sun glasses as used in the movie classic 'They Live'. A well informed person does not need tohave these glasses to see this person for what he really is. A lying, phony, two bit Chicago thug who was carefully chosen and groomed to fool really stupid white voters and entitlement blacks who vote for freebies and skin color while failing to 'come off the plantation' and join mainstream Americans in supporting the Constitution and not asking for handouts.

If he were not so 'clean and well spoken, with no Negro dialect' he would be working the streets like so many of his brethren. America, he is running a game on you. Time to wake up and read your Constitution. He is evil incarnate running an outlaw Administration. If we had a real Attorney General we could probably initiat a RICO investigation of Obama, his Asministration, Czars and various appointees. Want more of Sotomayer and Kagan? Then do your 'due diligence' and do not put this created leader back in office.

If I have offended anyone by my comments, good! Perhaps I have made you think.

Billy Jack

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